Stress reduction

Stress reduction

Occupational stress is extremely common and can affect an individual's health and well being. Stress within the workplace can be detrimental to productivity, concentration levels and overall team morale. If left untreated occupational related stress can escalate and result in absenteeism. TxOH aim to reduce stress using counselling, massage, mental health assessment, Pilates, positive psychology and yoga delivered by a team of passionate and professional therapists.


Counselling sessions with our professional and personable Psychology team can aid stress reduction. TxOH provide counseling sessions as a one off or regular onsite meetings. TxOH use counselling to reduce stress for individuals in high pressure situations or occupations that if left untreated may escalate into possible mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress.

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Massage includes the manipulation of soft tissue in a calm and restorative manner. The application of massage therapy has been proven to reduce stress levels and also the muscular tension associated leading to feelings of relaxation. TxOH aims to use massage therapy to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation and subsequently increase productivity and happiness within the workplace. Our team of adaptable massage therapists can provide high quality massage treatment varying in pressure within any environment.

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Mental health assessment

Mental health assessments are completed by our personable HCPC registered psychologists and involves the evaluation on an individual's mental health as wellbeing. A mental health assessment can investigate numerous aspects of a person's mental health and wellbeing, including; resilience to stress and anxiety, current coping strategies, work-life balance, and communication levels with others. The results from a mental health assessment can be used to provide workplace accommodations and treatments and produce workplace procedures.

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Pilates is a form of exercise focused on improving core muscular strength and stress reduction. Pilates involves slow and controlled movement patterns aimed at strengthening the core and stretching tight muscles. TxOH provide pilates classes to reduce stress and improve overall health and wellbeing within the workplace. The therapists at TxOH provide high quality and personable pilates classes adapted to the level of each individual to reduce stress.

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Positive psychology

Positive Psychology can be used during a range of circumstances to promote positive mental wellbeing and build resilience. Our clinical Psychologists assess the holistic needs of each individual as they understand everyone may require varying levels of positive psychology. Positive psychology aims to empower individuals with the ability to flourish within their working and social lives.

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Yoga is a exercise treatment based on improving flexibility and relaxation. Slow breathing and meditation methods used during yoga encourages mental relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. TxOH aim to reduce stress through considering the holistic needs and overall health and well being of the individual. Our team of highly trained yoga instructors are able to deliver yoga classes in a safe and effective manner to a group of employees to reduce muscular tension and psychological stress while also boosting team morale and relaxation.

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The physiotherapist at TxOH helped to reduce the back pain I had for three years! I am amazed and grateful.

Andy Kershaw

Snowboard instructor

The therapists at TxOH gave me advice on office ergonomics and adjusted my surrounding equipment to reduce the strain on my lower back.

Rohan Shepard

HR Manager

The regular massages really help ease the tension I get in my left shoulder from holding my instrument!

Tony Rimmer


TxOH gave me advice rearding my wrist sprain, exercises and ideas to adapt my work so I could continue working while it healed.

Mohamid Asif

Operations manager

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