Occupational health reports

TxOH provide occupational health reports to individuals and organisations within Liverpool and Manchester

The HCPC and NMC therapists at TxOH include physiotherapists, occupational health nurses, podiatrists and psychologists. The occupational health reports TxOH provide include employment tribunal, medico-legal reports, occupational health reports, reports for case managers, second opinion and ill health retirement reports.

Employment tribunal

TxOH occupational health reports for employment tribunals are used to resolve disputes between employers and employees over employment rights.

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Medico-legal reports

TxOH provide medico-legal reports following the ministry of justice protocol for an individual or as a single joint expert. The HCPC and NMC registered therapists at TxOH provide detailed expert evidence for the purpose of proceedings.

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Second opinion

TxOH provide second opinion reports to individuals and organisation within Liverpool and Manchester. The team of therapists at TxOH have extensive experience providing unbiased second opinion reports on physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

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Occupational health report

TxOH provide high quality occupational health reports which provide information on an individual's physical, psychological and emotional status and their ability to withstand occupational demands.

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Reports for case managers

TxOH provide reports for case managers to promote early intervention and rehabilitation within the compensation process. Reports for case managers include details on the nature and extent of any likely continuing disability for the injured claimant.

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Ill health retirement

TxOH provide occupational health reports for ill health retirement to individuals and employers. Ill health retirement involves a process of gaining access to pension benefits early. Il health retirement reports can be requested by an individual or an organisation.

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To find out more about TxOH occupational health reports services you please email us on office@txoh.co.uk or call us on 0330 088 7988

Case study

Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust

The Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust recognised there were increasing records of foot and nail conditions within patients who suffer from specialist mental health disorders. The Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust contacted TxOH for advice on how to reduce the occurrence of nail diseases and disorders.

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