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We provide flexible and personable services delivered by our in house therapy team. Our health professions include occupational therapist, podiatrists, physiotherapists, exercise specialists, manual handling trainers, massage therapist, Pilates and yoga instructors.

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Katie Emmett

Sports and Exercise Therapist & Pilates Instructor

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Louise Rigby

Sports and Exercise Therapist and Pilates instructor

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Kate Hindley

Senior Physiotherapist & Pilates instructor

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John Krol


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John Carrington

Senior podiatrist

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Kate McNally

Massage Therapist

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Zoe Killian

Massage Therapist

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Alicia Jamous

Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

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Bethany Parkin


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Karl Humphreys

Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

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We are evidence based and results driven, and we promise a consisten and reliable service to our clients.

See how we have helped businesses in Liverpool and Manchester maximise productivity, health and happiness at work whilst minimising absenteeism, stress and injury.


Said they are better able to cope with the demands of their job


Were satisfied with the service they received


Saw results at early stages of treatment

The physiotherapist at TxOH helped to reduce the back pain I had for three years! I am amazed and grateful.

Andy Kershaw

Snowboard instructor

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Absenteeism can be a problem for all sizes of organisations. Read more on how we reduce absenteeism.

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TxOH have provided a range of occupational health services to meet the needs of our employees

Case Study

Stockport City Council

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Absenteeism can be a problem for all sizes of organisations. We reduce absenteeism through the provision of occupational therapy, podiatry, physiotherapy and occupational health nursing. Absenteeism can be a problem for all sizes of organisations.

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Whatever your sector, we can help

We provide occupational health and wellness services to the majority of sectors that are prevalent in Liverpool and Manchester including:

Public services

Performing arts




Office working

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We provide occupational health services throughout Manchester and Liverpool

We work with businesses and organisations that are looking to maximise employee wellbeing and happiness at work.