Healthy workforce promotion

Healthy workforce promotion

Promoting a healthy workforce can be extremely important to the growth, morale and productivity of a workforce. If an employee is feeling fit and healthy they will feel more able to cope with the demands of work and will perform to their maximum ability. TxOH aim to promote a healthy workforce and reduce the risk of occupational injuries or illnesses using health promotion events, talks, training and workshops.

Health promotion events

Health promotion events involve a process of general health checks with your employees. TxOH aim to promote a healthy workforce by providing employees with advice on general health and undertaking assessments and evaluations within the workplace. Our team of reliable and hard working therapists can take a holistic approach to promote both the physical and psychological health of your employees.

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TxOH provide high quality and informative lecturers / talks based on a variety of topics. Our team of experienced therapists can provide an interactive lecture including presentation on a topic of your interest. The lecturers our therapists perform are effective in promoting a healthy workforce by educating individuals on topics such as functional movement patterns and healthy lifestyle choices.

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Training can include presentations, demonstrations and practical activities to promote a healthy workforce. TxOH provide training to promote a healthy workforce through addressing common physical and psychological problems within the workplace. Our team of therapists are passionate about healthy workforce promotion and are adaptable to providing training on various topics within different industries such as performing arts and businesses.

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Theoretical and practical workshops are beneficial in healthy workforce promotion and boosting team morale. Workshops can be provided on the health and wellbeing topic of your choice such as, postural improvements, injury reduction at work and psychological health. Our passionate therapists are enthusiastic and will ensure appropriate participation and involvement within all workshops. Workshops are able to promote a healthy workforce by improving overall knowledge and understanding of occupational health.

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Case Study

Healthy workforce promotion

1. Description

A building society in Liverpool and Manchester employs over 1,000 staff and wanted to provide a vast occupational health support system for its employees. They requested services to improve the overall knowledge surrounding health and wellbeing and promote a culture of healthy eating and living within its organisation.

2. The intervention

A occupational health service composed a action plan to promote a healthy workforce within the building society which included the actions of a multidisciplinary team including occupational health nurses, physiotherapists and psychologists. The team of therapists provided talks and workshops in addition to health promotion events providing staff opportunity to receive health check ups.

3. The results

A questionnaire revealed the staff reported feeling valued and supported following the intervention and overall more aware of physical and mental health and wellbeing. The building society requested the assistance of the occupational health service to provide further lectures and workshops during annual health and wellbeing days in an attempt to embed a culture of healthy eating and living within the organisation.

The physiotherapist at TxOH helped to reduce the back pain I had for three years! I am amazed and grateful.

Andy Kershaw

Snowboard instructor

The therapists at TxOH gave me advice on office ergonomics and adjusted my surrounding equipment to reduce the strain on my lower back.

Rohan Shepard

HR Manager

The regular massages really help ease the tension I get in my left shoulder from holding my instrument!

Tony Rimmer


TxOH gave me advice rearding my wrist sprain, exercises and ideas to adapt my work so I could continue working while it healed.

Mohamid Asif

Operations manager

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