About us

Our mission is to maximise the productivity of organisations in Liverpool and Manchester by providing an effective high quality multidisciplinary service that increases employee physical and mental health and happiness, and reduces absenteeism, injury and stress.

Our vision is to help organisations maximise productivity, health and happiness at work whilst minimising absenteeism, stress and injury.

Our aims

Bespoke services to meet your needs

We work with businesses and organisations that are looking to maximise employee wellbeing and happiness at work.

Reduce absenteeism Injury reduction Stress reduction Productivity increase Healthy workforce promotion

We achieve this through providing businesses and organisations with specialist occupational health services including; occupational therapy, podiatry, physiotherapy, exercise prescription, manual handling training, massage, Pilates and yoga services.

We value experience and expertise. We are committed to providing our clients with a range of specialised services delivered by experienced and professional therapists.

We promise a consistent and reliable service that will treat and care for your employees when they need it.

We believe our multidisciplinary service will ensure that your staff are happy in work and that we will maximise your organisations productivity.

We promise to provide a service that will continually meet the needs of your organisation and ensure our services are based on the most relevant and update evidence to provide the best possible care.

Meet our experienced multidisciplinary team

We provide flexible and personable services delivered by our in house therapy team. Our health professions include occupational therapist, podiatrists, physiotherapists, exercise specialists, manual handling trainers, massage therapist, Pilates and yoga instructors.

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John Bowden


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Katie Emmett

Sports and Exercise Therapist & Pilates Instructor

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Oli Simpson

Senior Physiotherapist

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Kate Hindley

Senior Physiotherapist & Pilates instructor

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Karl Humphreys

Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

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Bethany Parkin


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Alicia Jamous

Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

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Kate McNally

Massage Therapist

The physiotherapist at TxOH helped to reduce the back pain I had for three years! I am amazed and grateful.

Andy Kershaw

Snowboard instructor

The therapists at TxOH gave me advice on office ergonomics and adjusted my surrounding equipment to reduce the strain on my lower back.

Rohan Shepard

HR Manager

The regular massages really help ease the tension I get in my left shoulder from holding my instrument!

Tony Rimmer


TxOH gave me advice rearding my wrist sprain, exercises and ideas to adapt my work so I could continue working while it healed.

Mohamid Asif

Operations manager

Providing organisations with value for money services

We provide organisations with value for money and deliver them a high return on investment.

We listen to the needs of organisations to develop bespoke solutions and provide a professional clinical service. We consider the holistic needs of organisations to maximise employee wellbeing and happiness at work.

Our clients' feedback

We provide occupational health services throughout Manchester and Liverpool

We work with businesses and organisations that are looking to maximise employee wellbeing and happiness at work.