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Wide range of occupational health services

TxOH provide a wide range of occupational health services within Liverpool and Manchester. Our therapists are highly qualified and personable and provide high quality individualised occupational health services. TxOH aim to reduce absenteeism, injuries and stress and also increase productivity while promoting mental health and wellbeing.

We provide the following services;

Reduce absenteeism

Absenteeism can be a problem for all sizes of organisations. We reduce absenteeism through the provision of occupational therapy, podiatry, physiotherapy and occupational health nursing.

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Injury reduction

Occupational associated injuries are very common and can cause pain and can reduce productivity and function if left untreated. TxOH injury reduction services include office ergonomics, manual handling training, job task analysis and risk assessment.

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Stress reduction

Occupational related stress is extremely common and can affect the mental health and wellbeing of multiple individuals within the workplace. TxOH aim to reduce stress and build resilience using occupational health services.

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Productivity increase

The success, progression and overall result of a business or organisation can depend upon the productivity of its employees. TxOH provide a range of services to help increase productivity such as consultancy, preventative work, functional capacity and others.

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Healthy workforce promotion

Healthy workforce promotion is important to the growth, morale and productivity of a workplace or organisation.TxOH provide healthy workforce promotion using talks, workshops, training and health promotion events.

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We are evidence based and results driven, and we promise a consisten and reliable service to our clients.

See how we have helped businesses in Liverpool and Manchester maximise productivity, health and happiness at work whilst minimising absenteeism, stress and injury.


Said they are better able to cope with the demands of their job


Were satisfied with the service they received


Saw results at early stages of treatment

Providing organisations with value for money services

We provide organisations with value for money and deliver them a high return on investment.

We listen to the needs of organisations to develop bespoke solutions and provide a professional clinical service. We consider the holistic needs of organisations to maximise employee wellbeing and happiness at work.

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How we helped Stockport Council save 3,421 working days in a year

Case Study

Stockport City Council

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Case Study


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Case Study


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Since we started to use TxOH to provide weekly onsite massage therapy we have noticed a lower level of absenteeism and injury occurrence in our dancers

Case Study

Northern Ballet School

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We provide occupational health services throughout Manchester and Liverpool

We work with businesses and organisations that are looking to maximise employee wellbeing and happiness at work.