Injury reduction

Injury reduction

Occupational related injuries are very common. Injuries of any severity can cause pain, reduce productivity and increase absenteeism within the workplace. TxOH aim to reduce the occurrence of injuries using many evidence based occupational health services such as job task analysis, manual handling training, office ergonomics, risk assessments and workplace assessments.

Job task analysis

Job task analysis involves the biomechanical breakdown of the physical and ergonomic demands of a occupation. If an individual does not have the required skills needed to complete the task in hand it could lead to injury. TxOH provide job task analysis to reduce the risk of injury within the workplace. Our therapists can identify occupational demands and highlight areas of physical strength and skills required to perform such tasks efficiently and with a low risk of injury.

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Manual handling training

Efficient manual handling techniques are essential for injury reduction. Poor manual handling techniques can lead to musculoskeletal conditions in many areas of the body. TxOH provide manual handling training led by experienced therapists that can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. Our flexible therapists can provide training including various topics such as correct moving and handling techniques, postural advice and spinal anatomy. Correct manual handling techniques can reduce the risk of injury and injury recurrence.

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Office ergonomics

Office ergonomics refers to the efficiency of an individual's posture, position and pattern of movements within their normal working environment. Poor office ergonomics has been linked to the occurrence of prevalence of many musculoskeletal injuries. TxOH aims to promote good office ergonomics that can reduce the risk of injury while enhancing productivity within the workplace. Our committed therapists can observe and assess your staff working within their normal environments before providing suitable occupational health services to reduce the risk of injury.

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Risk assessment

Risk assessments include the evaluation of a working environment and the identification of possible risks to optimum health and wellbeing. Completing an effective risk assessment can reduce the risk of injury by highlighting areas for improvement and change to ensure the workplace is safe. TxOH aims to reduce the risk of injury by providing risk assessments with their multidisciplinary team of experienced therapists.

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Workplace assessments

Workplace assessments includes the evaluation of the workstation and workplace which can reduce the risk of injury by improving workstation ergonomics and individual movement patterns and postures. Poor workstations can cause musculoskeletal injuries commonly in the lower back, neck and wrist. TxOH aim to reduce the risk of injury with workplace assessments by promoting correct workstation ergonomics. Our multidisciplinary team of passionate therapists consider the demands and needs of each individual within the workplace and tailor a occupational health service accordingly.

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The physiotherapist at TxOH helped to reduce the back pain I had for three years! I am amazed and grateful.

Andy Kershaw

Snowboard instructor

The therapists at TxOH gave me advice on office ergonomics and adjusted my surrounding equipment to reduce the strain on my lower back.

Rohan Shepard

HR Manager

The regular massages really help ease the tension I get in my left shoulder from holding my instrument!

Tony Rimmer


TxOH gave me advice rearding my wrist sprain, exercises and ideas to adapt my work so I could continue working while it healed.

Mohamid Asif

Operations manager

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