Amazon opened a warehouse within Manchester and Liverpool which employs over 1,500 individuals to package and deliver good to consumers throughout the UK. In an attempt to prevent injury and absenteeism Amazon contacted TxOH to investagate if there was any preventative strategies they would use.

The intervention

The therapists at TxOH consulted with the HR department at Amazon and suggested manual handling training would be beneficial due to the physical demands associated with packaging and delivering consumer goods. A multidiscplinary team of therapists at TxOH attended Amazon’s warehouse site to deliever a series of manual handling training sessions including both theoretical and practical aspects.

The results

Following the completion of manual handling training the staff reported feeling more aware of working positions and how to lift and maneuver heavy and large items safely. Amazon also reported a reduction in the level of absenteeism since the training completed.

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The physiotherapist at TxOH helped to reduce the back pain I had for three years! I am amazed and grateful.

Andy Kershaw

Snowboard instructor

The therapists at TxOH gave me advice on office ergonomics and adjusted my surrounding equipment to reduce the strain on my lower back.

Rohan Shepard

HR Manager

The regular massages really help ease the tension I get in my left shoulder from holding my instrument!

Tony Rimmer


TxOH gave me advice rearding my wrist sprain, exercises and ideas to adapt my work so I could continue working while it healed.

Mohamid Asif

Operations manager

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