Second opinion reports

Second opinion reports

TxOH provide second opinion reports for individuals and organisations within Liverpool and Manchester. Second opinion reports can enable better understanding of your condition or diagnosis and the range of treatment options available to yourself. A second opinion may be required if you are:

The team of therapists at TxOH have extensive experience providing unbiased second opinion reports on physical and psychological health and wellbeing. TxOH second opinion reports can provide information regarding injury or illness, treatment options in accordance with current protocol. Additionally our personable therapists are able to answer outstanding questions regarding your physical or psychological condition and possible management options.

Case Study

Second opinion case study

1. Description

An army officer was recently discharged from active service due to inability to cope with the psychological demands of the job. The army officer was in agreement and returned to civilian life without appealing. The army officer suffered from severe anxiety but has received no formal diagnosis from previous psychological assessments. Due to not receiving a diagnosis she was unable to access funding for rehabilitation from her insurance company. The army officer contacted a occupational health service for a second opinion in the hope it would help her to obtain a diagnosis are receive psychological therapy input.

2. The intervention

The occupational health service completed a mental health assessment which detailed her current psychological health with relation to coping strategies, stress and anxiety levels and current support systems. Following the assessment the psychologist highlighted the need for the individual to receive further psychological therapies to reduce and build resilience to stress.

3. The results

The individual used the second opinion report to aid her application to receive further psychological therapy with her insurance company. The second opinion report included details of recommended therapies and the number of sessions required to ensure the individual returned to full functional mental health and wellbeing. The army officers application for further psychological therapy was successful and was able to improve her mental health and wellbeing dramatically.

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