Medico-legal reports

TxOH provide medico-legal reports which follow the ministry of justice protocols.

Our experienced therapists who are registered with the HCPC and NMC can provide a detailed expert evidence report for the purpose of proceedings. A range of therapists at TxOH can perform a medico-legal report including physiotherapists, podiatrists, psychologists and occupational health nurses.

Our medico-legal reports service are available for cases relating to workplace occupational health injury reports, criminal law, fitness to practice, the equality act and benefits.

Workplace occupational health injury report

TxOH provide medico-legal services for individuals or as a single joint expert for workplace occupational health injury reports. Our HCPC and NMC registered therapists can provide detailed reports establishing the specific actions of the claimant and the respondent prior to and following the occurrence of injury within the workplace which follow the ministry of justice protocol.

Criminal law

TxOH provide medico-legal reports for criminal law which is concerned with the punishment of offenders. The HCPC and NMC registered practitioners provide individual or single joint expert reports. TxOH ensure all medico-legal reports for criminal law are endorsed within the required format, time frame and budget stated by the ministry of law.

Fitness to practice

TxOH provide fitness to practice medico-legal reports for individuals or as a single joint expert. Fitness to practice legislation ensures all practitioners have the skills, knowledge and character to practice their profession safely and effectively without physical or psychological barriers. Our HCPC and NMC registered therapists and nurses provide fitness to practice medico-legal reports which follow the ministry of justice protocol for the purpose of proceedings within court.

Equality act

The HCPC and NMC registered therapists at TxOH provide medico-legal reports in line with the Equality Act 2010 to protect people from discrimination within the workplace and society. TxOH provides medico-legal reports for the individual or as a single joint expert in accordance with the ministry of justice format and time frame.


TxOH provide medico-legal reports for individuals or as a single joint expert for the application of benefits such as Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). Medico-legal reports can highlight areas of benefits entitlement to be used for the process of proceedings.

If you would like to know more about medico-legal reports at TxOH please email us at or call us on 0330 088 7988

Medico-legal report

Postwoman nerve damage injury

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1. Description

A postwoman from Leeds suffered permanent nerve damage following childbirth due to the positioning of the stirrups. The postwoman’s injuries resulted in foot drop which had prohibited her return to work. As a postwoman she is required to complete a lot of walking and has been recommended to get custom orthotics in addition to ongoing physiotherapy treatment. The postwomans solicitor requested a medico-legal report to be completed to use during the claiming process against the hospital to allow funding for ongoing rehabilitation costs.

2. The intervention

A medico-legal report was completed by a HCPC registered therapist. The medico-legal report detailed the extent of the postman's injuries, the likelihood of full recovery and the recommended rehabilitation protocol. The solicitor used the medico-legal report to support a claim against the hospital in order to assist the postwoman access to the medical support she needed.

3. The results

The postwoman received a detailed medico-legal report that included details of the types of recommended treatment and the costs. The medico-legal report supported the postwomans claim process against the hospital and ensured she received the medical support she required. The postwoman received full funding for medical treatments including her foot orthotics which allowed her to return to work.

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